Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pay Me!

The author of this week's post is by a guest blogger: Katherine 

                                                             Pay Me!!!
Imagine a world full of happy, cheerful, little children. Isn’t it a wonderful thought? Well soon that thought could be reality! If children were to get paid for getting good report cards, they would be so happy.  Plus, kids need the money and the motivation.  And shouldn’t kids get sort of reward for all the hard work they have been doing? I think so.
Getting paid for a good report card provides lots of motivation. Kids like to earn money, and they like to spend money. If they try super hard to get good report cards, their school work will be better. If the school work of a child is improved, they can eventually get in to a great college. If a child gets in to a great college, they will end up getting a great job and be happy.
Kids really need and want the money they would get paid for a good report card. Adults already get paid for doing their jobs.  Why not try paying the kid for once? Kids also need to buy presents for their relatives in the holiday season, and getting paid for good report cards would give them the money to do that.  On top of all that, kids could use their report card money to just buy stuff in general.  Hurray!
Kids work just as hard as adults. In fact, adults actually get the advantage. Adults are older, and more mature than children. They are able to work easier and faster. It’s just not fair to all those kids out there!!!
Kids should be rewarded for all the hard work they do. If kids all get great report cards, they should get paid a little. Maybe 2 dollars for every A, and 1 dollar for every B. That seems fair to me, and it’s a way to motivate kids and give money. Kids really deserve some money every now and then.
Were you persuaded? 
Coincidentally, I received both children's report cards shortly after this essay was written. 
Katherine earned 8 A's and 3 B's.  Jack earned 5 A's and 2 B's. 

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