Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Every Book Begins with the First Word

I’ve decided to write a book. This might be a crazy idea for a few reasons:
  • I don’t know how to write a book.  Most of my knowledge about writing a book is based on a fictional character in the telenovela Jane the Virgin.  
  • My spelling isn’t the greatest. I once came in third place in a spelling bee, but there were only three contestants. Sometimes I’m not smarter than a 5th grader.  
  • I don’t know all the grammar rules. If you line up 100 people based on their grammar knowledge, I’d like to think I’d be in the top half, but that might be the Dunning-Kruger effect at play. I usually go by intuition, and I can’t always explain why I think a comma goes there. I’m not sure what a dangling participle is but I keep meaning to look it up. 
  • I’m not sure who will read my book besides my mom. 
Still, it’s good to have goals. I won’t be deterred. I’m a teacher—I’m used to being creative and resourceful. I’m also a whiz with the binding machine in the teacher workroom so publishing will be a piece of cake.

While I haven’t figured out the content of the book yet, I've already created a list of people who could write the back-cover blurbs.  Here’s what I imagine they might say:
  • Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess)—Hers was first blog I ever read about a metal chicken named BeyoncĂ©.  After I stopped laughing, I drove straight to Home Goods determined to find a bit of whimsy. I came back with a sturdy wrought iron fruit basket. Not what I had in mind, but it's extremely practical and I still have it. 
Allison is a whiz with the binding machine and we have the same birthday so she’s alright with me. This book is a bit of whimsy you’ll definitely want to pick up when you visit my Nowhere Bookshop. 
  • Gina Rodriguez (Jane Villanueva)—Fictional characters probably don't write dust jacket blurbs and I get that. But Jane the Virgin would probably tell me,
If you ever think you are not cut out to be a writer, that is just your doubts and fears talking. You have to keep writing. You are a writer. 
  • Oprah—If we are going to dream big on this dust jacket, why not?
What I know for sure…you should read this book! You get a copy and you get a copy!
  • Scott Avett—An extremely talented musician and definitely my favorite banjo player. Maybe he'll love my book so much that I'll score backstage passes the next time I see The Avett Brothers in concert.
Allison’s writing is much better than her banjo playing.
  • My Mom—She reads my blog and already comments on my writing so she'll be a natural.
Allison is so insightful and clever. She is the best daughter and her writing is wonderful.
OK, off to become a published author of my first book. If you want to preorder a copy, let me know!