Monday, May 12, 2014

The Ragnar Report: Grin, Grit and Race

Getting ready...
how are we supposed to fit all this stuff in the vans??

How can I sum up Ragnar in a blog post? I can't.
Packed and Ready for our drive to Hull!

Jenna does her best to keep the van organized! 
It's not that what happens at Ragnar stays at Ragnar, (although there's some truth to that so I won't divulge which teammate is addicted to Real Housewives)  it is that 12 friends in 2 vans for 2 days and 1 night running a 200 mile relay leaves me with too many memories to count.
 Team "Your Pace or Mine" is off and running!

Leg 1, CHECK!
On Friday morning, we assemble in Hull to begin our 192 mile adventure along Cape Cod to Provincetown.  Our relay team begins at 11:30 am.  After cheering at the start, we hop in the van and drive to the first exchange where it will be my turn to run.  I have an easy first leg--basically 3 miles down Main Street--but I am still nervous about getting lost! 
At each exchange, we hand off the orange slap bracelet to the next runner.

Michelle and Mike rockin' the exchange.
Van 2 ready to dominate!
After the first six legs, we meet up with Van 2 to do a little celebrating and send them on their way.  Since Mike lives on the Cape, we drove back to his house during our break where we were spoiled with luxurious hot showers and dinner.  Mike's mom even did a load of laundry, for which we are eternally grateful!
It was dark when we began our second leg.  With no sleep, we strapped on our headlamps and reflective vests and set off into the night.  I ran 5 miles through Sandwich this time.  Sandwiches not included.
Who needs sleep when you can do this?

Fink and Mike light up our lives!
After our second leg, we had a few hours of down time to try to nap in the vans.  I think we got about 2 hours of sleep, total.  It was quite comfortable, as you can see.

  With Saturday morning's sunrise, we were right back at it for our third and final leg. I ran my final 5 miles around 7:00 a.m.  
Runner 12 marking off a leg-Hail Mary!
Finally, around 4:30 p.m.  our team crossed the finish line together.
Wearing our medals with pride at the finish line. 


 Now it is time to celebrate.  We have a few beers, some clam chowder and take in the sights of P-town. 

What these pictures don't show is how incredible each and every member of my team is.  A few days ago, I began an adventure with 10 strangers. The one person I did know I hadn't seen in 24 years.  (Last time I saw Michelle, some of my teammates hadn't even been born yet!)  I can say now that my heart is full of love for each and every one of these amazing people.   No longer strangers, they are my friends.  
We're already talking about 2015.  Next year, we're going to keep the back of the van organized, I promise.