Monday, January 25, 2016

Facebook's Timeline of the Blizzard

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for you to get your news from Facebook. But, truth be told, you can learn a lot about the world and our reactions to it from scrolling through the posts of your friends. Take this weekend's blizzard, for instance. I'm no meteorologist, but I could accurately track the storm from the trends in my FB feed. Do any of these sound familiar...

Thursday: The Preparations
Lots of pictures of empty grocery aisles so apparently people bought tons of bread. I don't know who, because when these same people post pictures of their fully stocked refrigerators, they are lined with beer.
(Since we were hosting several teenagers, I did NOT want a fridge full of alcohol, so we stocked up on a weekend's supply of Ramen noodles instead.  I didn't post that though. Eating Ramen noodles just didn't seem as fun as drinking beer.)

Friday: And Snow It Begins
Friday marks the beginning. Lots of pictures of the first few flakes, with clever hashtags like #snObama2016 and #snOMG. Also, lots of pictures of patio furniture. I've noticed a lot of my friends have some very nice sets. I'm hoping they all invite me over this summer to hang out on their patios.
Saturday: Pet Problems
We wake up to about 18 inches of the fluffy white stuff and the fluffy furry ones in our house remind us of reality. After some people make a large dent in the beer stocked fridge on Friday night, it wasn't on the agenda to wake up early to dig "Pee Paths" for our pets. And it keeps snowing! It buries our beloved patio furniture, our cars, our pee paths.
Time to dig a pee path.

Dude, where's my car?

Hmmm, do you mind if I don't pee today?
Sunday: Get Busy
It finally stops snowing and the sun comes out. Now we can shovel it. And shovel it. And shovel it. Apparently, we have enough energy after shoveling to also go sledding, eat a lot, and, relax by the fire. I've noticed, from admiring pictures of feet by the fire, that a lot of my friends with cute patio furniture also have very cute socks. Also, we are not too tired from shoveling to complain about Tom Brady.

Monday: Cabin Fever
In the land of social media, we have short attention spans. We're done with this blizzard. We've downloaded all our snowy pictures and we're tired of putting wet mittens in the drier. Today's feed is all about getting out...maybe shopping for some more cute socks....and placing bets on when we'll return back to school. For that news, I'm sure I'll hear about it first on Facebook!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

For those keeping track, we may be the only family that didn't see the new Star Wars movie over the break. Despite that, it was an amazing two weeks, during which I did do ALL 16 things on my Christmas wish list, including an 11th hour game of Sorry with my family (Katherine won.)

pool sharks

Here are some other pictures from break...

My niece Danielle and Sean

hanging out with Aunt Sarah
great book!

Hey, teenagers! Pretend like you like each other and smile for the camera.

Wonder exhibit at Renwick Gallery...along with all the other tourists that weren't watching Star Wars
The bug room both fascinated and creeped me out.
Christmas Fun with Pop Pop and Gramy Carolyn
Tatum's stuffed animal now has the stuffing on the outside.

baking birthday bread

Happy New Year!