Monday, July 7, 2014


I've heard one picture can be worth a thousand words. 
For Maine, its the opposite-I took about a thousand pictures and have one word: LOVE! 
We started our vacation biking the Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park. 
Sometimes we stopped to take pictures...

Jack finds a turtle.

Katherine leads the way.

 On our second day, we went sea kayaking.  Some people paddled more than others.  I won't say who.

 One of our favorite hikes was to Bar Island.  You can only hike there during low tide, which happened to coincide with the sunset. 

Diver Ed's boat tour was fun and educational.
Sea cucumber, anyone?

Found a lobster!

Diver Ed making us laugh.

Getting ready to look for seals.


 Of course, we ate lots of clam chowder, ice cream and lobster.  Or is that lobstah?
After 4 days of hiking, biking and kayaking, we headed to Portland to explore Old Port.  First stop, an Irish bar to watch the World Cup game. 

After the game, we walked down Commercial Street along the Casco Bay.  We took a ferry across the bay to walk around Peak's Island too.

We also loved visiting the Portland Head Light.

Hiking, clam chowder, biking, lobster, sea kayaking, ice cream, boat rides, more ice cream, seal watching, more lobster, lighthouses...our first trip to Maine and we fell in LOVE!