Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teenager in the HOUSE!

Katherine spent the last few months singing Let It Go and channeling her inner Anna.  So, when deciding on a theme for her 13th birthday, Frozen was the obvious choice.  For weeks she's been excitedly planning...
Decorations--A Blue and White Frosty color scheme complete with snowflakes and lights.

Party favors with a chilly theme--Snowcaps, Wintergreen Tic Tacs and Wintermint gum
Games and Activities--creating snuggly scarves and playing Pin the Nose on Olaf

And a party wouldn't be complete without a cake that Katherine made from scratch--complete with snowy trees and Olaf himself. 

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Katherine! 
You are intelligent, creative and beautiful.  Thank you for bringing much joy and happiness to my life.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lessons from the Half Marathon

1.  Don’t eat taco chicken before your long run—the first of many lessons I learned in the past few months as I trained to run a half marathon.

     2.    Peer pressure can be a good thing—because I never, ever, in a million years ever thought I would run 13.1 miles again….until some friends talked me into the “opportunity.”

     3.    Razors are a runner’s friend.  Armpit stubble and long runs don’t go together. 

     4. Run with an amazing person, such as my friend Debbie.  The right running partner will motivate you, inspire you and make the time fly by with witty stories.   Don’t run with Debbie though, because then she might be too tired to run with me.  Selfishly, I don’t want to share her so go find your own running partner.
     5. When sending encouraging text messages to other runners, always proofread.  Otherwise, your phone might autocorrect, “I’m giving you a big whooo rah!” to “I’m giving you a big wet rash.”  Then, no one will want to room with you in the hotel.

    6. When training for a half marathon, try to avoid the never-ending winter of the Polar Vortex, if at all possible.  It snowed on my first day of training in December.  It snowed, rained, sleeted, froze…you name it…literally every week of training all the way through March including the day of the race. 

     7. Ignore the myth that running helps you lose weight.  If you are unable to avoid the Polar Vortex, you need some extra layers anyway.  Use this as an excuse to carbo-load like crazy.  Start early, eat often.  But, as previously mentioned, just not taco chicken.
8. Make the race far enough away that you need a hotel room.  People keep asking, “How was the race?”  Hmmm, I ran for 2 ½ hours.  It was freezing cold and windy.  Torrential downpours brought flood warnings and my phone is still sitting in a bag of rice trying to dry out from the whole ordeal.  It was fabulous!  I didn’t cook, clean, grocery shop, pay bills, mediate teenage bickering, run errands or grade papers.  I was with good friends.  We talked.  We laughed.  We dined in real restaurants.  Which brings me to my last lesson… 

    9. Set a goal—13.1 miles in Philadelphia, check.  What’s next, friends?  Moab in October or New Orleans in November?  Key West in January or Nashville in April?   I’m ready to train for our next adventure.  I’ve already started carbo-loading!