Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teenager in the HOUSE!

Katherine spent the last few months singing Let It Go and channeling her inner Anna.  So, when deciding on a theme for her 13th birthday, Frozen was the obvious choice.  For weeks she's been excitedly planning...
Decorations--A Blue and White Frosty color scheme complete with snowflakes and lights.

Party favors with a chilly theme--Snowcaps, Wintergreen Tic Tacs and Wintermint gum
Games and Activities--creating snuggly scarves and playing Pin the Nose on Olaf

And a party wouldn't be complete without a cake that Katherine made from scratch--complete with snowy trees and Olaf himself. 

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Katherine! 
You are intelligent, creative and beautiful.  Thank you for bringing much joy and happiness to my life.

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