Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

For those keeping track, we may be the only family that didn't see the new Star Wars movie over the break. Despite that, it was an amazing two weeks, during which I did do ALL 16 things on my Christmas wish list, including an 11th hour game of Sorry with my family (Katherine won.)

pool sharks

Here are some other pictures from break...

My niece Danielle and Sean

hanging out with Aunt Sarah
great book!

Hey, teenagers! Pretend like you like each other and smile for the camera.

Wonder exhibit at Renwick Gallery...along with all the other tourists that weren't watching Star Wars
The bug room both fascinated and creeped me out.
Christmas Fun with Pop Pop and Gramy Carolyn
Tatum's stuffed animal now has the stuffing on the outside.

baking birthday bread

Happy New Year!

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