Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Scrapbook

For every story I post, I feel like there are a million stories I don't post.  When I think back on October, I have so many memories...

Like the day we left school early to go to the Nationals play off game.  I told the kids I hope I didn't end up on the Jumbotron like Ferris Bueller did when he skipped school.  It was a beautiful day for
 rally caps,

 cheering for the home team, 
 and waving our red towels!

Here we are celebrating the win after Werth's walk-off home run.

Also in October Katherine performed in her last Haycock theatrical production.  She was fabulous as Helena in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream!  (Quite the switch from last year when she was The Best Kitchen Maid Ever )

 "Oh, I am out of breath in this fond chase."

Helena and Hermia

My adventure to St. Michael's with the girls was another highlight.  Yes, we were driving towards the coast when everyone else was heading away from Hurricane Sandy.  We beat the storm and had a much needed and much deserved day off.
Enjoying the scenery

Being silly

Hurricane Sandy did blow through the end of October leaving us without power or school for two days.  The lights returned on Halloween night as Katherine (aka Katniss, the Girl on Fire) and Jack (aka The Leaf Blower) were Trick Or Treating.
Trick Or Treat!

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