Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Just back from our summer vacation where Sissa and Big Pa spoiled us.  Not too much writing today because, as Big Pa says, "If you can't take a good picture in Colorado, you must not have a camera!"

Elk visitors in the back yard
Big Pa is ready to ride

We opted for safety helmets over cowboy hats.

Big Pa is teaching me how to shoot a pellet gun.  Mom says, "What happens with Big Pa stays with Big Pa."

Showing off his aim.

visiting Great Grandma

On our way to Gem Lake

We made it!

See the rock that looks like a boot?  The story is that this cowboy shot himself in the foot.
 I hope he wasn't playing with Big Pa's pellet gun.
Stylish hiker.
Visiting the Baldpate Inn's famous key collection
Katherine donates a key to the collection.
Thanks for a wonderful Colorado vacation.  We love you!

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  1. Beautiful photos, Allison! Looks like a great trip to finish off the Summer.