Saturday, August 11, 2012

Too Short Summer

Way back in June when summer seemed like a beautifully long stretch of time, I created a few summer goals for myself.  I really wanted to clean out our basement, weed the garden and paint Jack's room.  Well, let's be clear.  Jack wanted me to paint Jack's room.  He's wanted it painted ever since last summer when he and Sissa cleaned it out.  The only problem--no, the first problem--is that we could not agree on a color.  He kept insisting that it was his room and that he could paint every wall a different color.  I kept suggesting that we should compromise on a plan that involved fewer colors and less effort. 

Where was I?  Oh, yes, my summer goals.  I thought I should have plenty of time to relax, read, cook, swim, run and still fit in a few productive projects.  And then I blinked and it is the middle of August.  I feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up and looking at the calendar.  Where did all the time go?  Yes, I read a few books and watched plenty of Olympic gymnastics but shouldn't I have somehow done more?

I did work on the basement.  And I made a little progress on one of the garden beds.  But in Jack's room, we only got as far as removing the outlet covers from all the plugs.  I have one last week at home before we're off to vacation and then I go back to work.  If we are going to paint Jack's room, I can no longer wait for the ideal time.  The time is now.

We finally agreed on a color palette (mostly white with one blue wall and a red desk) and got started.  Have you ever painted a room with a 13 year old boy before?  I highly recommend it as an exercise in patience.  Not for him, for me.  As you might imagine, I had a very organized plan of how to approach the project.  First spackle.  Then sand.  Then tape.  Last paint.  Jack has a different view.  Just start painting.  I think starting at the top and working his way down makes sense.  He really likes sideways.  Ultimately, I have to rethink my goal of the project.  Is it to have a well painted wall or to enjoy a mother-son project together?

He'll have to move that paint can eventually, right?
Can we keep the graffiti?
I've never painted a room from start to finish before.  It's a big project and we're slowly making progress.  We've got one week to finish the job while maintaining my sanity.  Wish us luck!

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  1. I need to come and see the finished project:) - Caroline