Monday, February 17, 2014

What a LOVE-ly weekend

A while back, I invited some friends over for dinner on Friday to celebrate Valentine's Day.   This week, reality hit.  What was I thinking?  My weeks generally look like this: Monday-begin the week with all good intentions.  Tuesday-realize it all fell apart and count the days until the weekend.  By Friday, my fridge is empty, my house is messy and my laundry is piled in dirty heaps.  I'm usually in my pajamas by 8pm.  
And for some strange reason, I thought this was a good night to have company?

Luckily, this week it snowed.  With two extra days to prepare, I managed to set the table, plan the menu and cook.   Our menu had a Valentine's theme which included I Love You Lemon Bars and Romantic Raspberry Squares.  Chrissy got in the spirit too with a heart shaped appetizer to start.   We had good food, good friends and good times.  What's not to LOVE about that?


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  1. Hey Alison, I saw this and immediately thought of you!
    - Julie