Friday, June 29, 2012

Lucky 13

Happy Birthday Jack!
Jack is returning from Georgia today--spending his 13th birthday on a bus for 13 hours.  He's with the high school youth from our church and, with the possible exception of the bus driver, I'm sure they are all having a blast.   They've been at Passport--a youth camp that is part worship, part community service and a ton of fun. 

Last weekend Jack missed the bus trip down South when he caught a stomach virus.  By Sunday he was feeling better and was deeply disappointed to miss camp.  Paul and Katherine were still out of town so I tried to distract Jack with a mother-son adventure.  We ordered his favorite sandwich at his favorite restaurant, The Lost Dog (#7 with the coleslaw on the side).  We went to a movie (The Avengers) and I even splurged on 3-D.  And yes, there was ice cream.  Still, Mommy Camp doesn't really compare to a week away with your friends.

That's one reason we decided to give Jack an early birthday present in the form of a plane ticket to Georgia.  Paul got up at 4:30 a.m.  (I see Father of the Year Award in his future!) and drove him to the Baltimore airport to meet our former youth pastor and friend Cameron.  Cameron was flying down to Passport and graciously agreed to take Jack with him.  Now, Cameron has two children of his own and I'm sure he was looking forward to the peace and quiet of flying solo down to camp.  So this was really very, very gracious.

Jack called a few times this week to say hi and tell me he's having fun.  I haven't prodded him for details...yet.  This is the first time he's ever flown without his parents and the first time he's not even home on his birthday.  I guess he really is growing up.  I know "plane ticket" wasn't on his birthday wish list but it turned out to be a felicitious gift after all.  Happy Birthday Jack!

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