Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Pant" ry Inventory

Pantry Inventory
Ice Cream
Chocolate Bars
Honey Buns
Easter Candy
Chocolate Coins
Peanut M & Ms*

*secret stash-not kept in pantry but I included it to be honest.

I'm always quick to tell people that we don't keep junk food in the house.  "If I don't buy it, I won't eat it," I say proudly.  I am the first to admit that my will power can be lacking...especially when it comes to ice cream.  And the kids aren't any more disciplined.  That's why we limit our treats to special occasions. 

I try to be careful and prepare healthy lunches.  I cook a balanced dinner almost every night.  But somehow, despite my best efforts, our pantry is beginning to look more like a 7-11 than a Whole Foods.   It seems that life keeps giving us more special occasions.  Since when did dessert become something we eat twice a day instead of twice a week?

The cupcakes, donuts and ice cream are all leftover from Katherine's birthday.  Most people get a day--she got a whole week.  A family party, a celebration with friends, treats on the actual day for her class.  The Honey Buns and chocolate bars were freebies in a goody bag Paul got from a conference.  Who can resist the lure of free stuff?  I thought it was bad that we still had Easter Candy leftover from last month until I realized Katherine won the cake at the school's Fun Fair back in March.  We stuck it in the freezer and there it sits.  The chocolate coins were supposed to be a St. Patrick's day gift from a Leprechaun until I remembered that Jack gave up dessert for Lent and wouldn't be able to eat any.  That seemed like a mean trick for a Leprechaun so I stuck them in the coffee canister instead.   The Girl Scout cookies arrived back in February and who knows why we have pudding?  Maybe I should check the expiration date.  And, yes, I know how the Peanut M & M's got in the house.  I thought I needed a little something in case of emergencies since, as I said, we don't keep junk food in the house.

Meanwhile the numbers on my scale are climbing.  When I'm not busy eating the junk food I'm completely disgusted by it all.  I'd love to throw it all away but the frugal side of me thinks that would be wasteful.  Of course if I keep gaining weight, I'm going to have to inventory the pants in my closet that I can still button.

No time to exercise today as I'm busy preparing for a visit from Sissa and Big Pa.  Sounds like a special occasion to me--let's break out the cookies.  Thin mint, anyone?

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