Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sew What?

I will never be Martha Stewart.  Not that I'm complaining.  But sometimes I look at my crafty friends with a little envy.  I have friends who knit, friends who sew, friends who design their own adorable greeting cards for every occasion.  Last week I heard from a friend who is making a chandelier out of wooden clothes pins.  I am awaiting the picture.  She says it is heavy.  (Amy-maybe consider a decorative wastebasket instead of a lamp that hangs from the ceiling??)

Now that I am working fewer hours, I've resolved to make time for some projects that take me out of my comfort zone, just a little.  First stop, my sewing machine.  It's ten years old but runs like new.  Probably because I never use it.  Oh, I dust it now and again and plug it in when my mom comes in town to help with a project.  Today I'm on my own.  I have two small projects: sewing several Girl Scout badges onto a vest and hemming a pair of pants.

First, the badges. It's a little tricky to sew in a circle but I have to admit that it's going rather smoothly.  Slowly at first, and a little crooked, but I'm getting the hang of it.  If you stand back and squint, the vest looks pretty good.   Now, onto the pants which I've decided to make into shorts. I cut the pant legs, fold the hem under and pin the sides.  I try on my new shorts to make sure the edges look straight before I sew.  OUCH.  Next time I won't use so many pins.  I'm ready.

Success!  I know you crafty sewers are laughing--I believe hemming pants is cause for celebration.  Scoff all you want--I'm happy.  And, bolstered by a small success, I'm wondering what to tackle tomorrow.

Here's Katherine modeling her vest full of badges and me in my "new" shorts!


  1. LOL Yes, I'm laughing -but in a good way :) Glad you dusted it off - good job sewing!

  2. those are fantastic shorts! my mom never sewed but safety pinned my GS badges on to my vest...they curled and puckered. We still laugh about it. Crafty lamp pictures coming soon! A