Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Super Powers

More organized than the Green Lantern
          More stylish than Wonder Woman
                   Faster than Superman at getting the job done...

My mom is like a Superhero.  She arrived at my house yesterday afternoon after about nine hours of travelling.  Fortified by a glass of chardonnay, dinner and some Girl Scout thin mints, she surveyed the scene around her and got down to business.

First stop, the geraniums on my front porch.  (Remember those?)  Well, it turns out, I'm supposed to (gasp) water them!  "I'll need scissors and a watering can, STAT," she says.  With the precision of a surgeon, she gets to work deadheading and nourishing until they begin to perk up.

Moving on to the garden, she oversees the kids harvesting and watering.  They return with a basket of green peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.  And because it is my mom, the hose actually gets rolled up and put away when they are finished.

When I run up to the grocery store for a few items, she cleans the entire kitchen and then heads to Jack's room.  I return to find my 12 year old son cleaning out his desk--pondering whether each item he holds fits the "vision" he has for his room and sorting his belongings into baskets.

To round out the evening, "Sissa," as the kids call her, teaches Katherine how to knit.  I kid you not! 

She doesn't have a cape or costume (why Superheroes limit themselves to one outfit is beyond her) but my mom is definitely super and she is my hero.  I'm looking forward to our week together.

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