Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

I can barely move.  Seriously.  Two days ago I did an exercise video and now I'm so stiff and sore that it hurts to get up.

Recently I decided to beef up my fitness regime.  I saw a picture in the newspaper of Michelle Obama doing push-ups with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Real push-ups--not the "girly" ones on the knees.  Looking at them made me wonder how many push-ups I could do.  The answer?

Zero. Not a one.  It hurt my wrist just getting into the starting plank position.

Now I'm 5'5'' and weigh 124 so you wouldn't call me fat.  And I do walk the dog about three miles every day.  But zero push-ups?  I used to equate fitness with a part of who I am.  I've done a marathon!  Triathlons! A 500 mile bike ride!  How did I fall so far that a 50 minute fitness video leaves me incapacitated?  I am only 40.  I'm too young to feel old.  (For the record, Tutu will be 80 this year and he's still doing push-ups!)

Chances are slim that Michelle Obama will ever challenge me to a push-up contest.  So why do I care if I'm feeling out of shape?  Mainly, for energy.  When I feel fit, I've got more of it.  And sanity.  Exercise improves my mood. 

Today is July 4th.  A National holiday seems a funny day for a new resolution.  Many people will be eating barbeque and drinking beer all day.  Well, I'm going to exercise and have a salad for lunch.  As America celebrates its independence as a Nation, I will celebrate my independence from lethargy, sluggishness and inactivity.  Michelle Obama, watch out!

Now, let's see if I can get up out of this chair.  Oof.

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  1. You go girl!! Before you know it, you'll be putting Michelle & Desmond to shame with your power house push ups! :)