Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Year of Allison

The Year of Allison begins.

No drumroll, no fanfare--just me lugging a dozen boxes from my classroom to the basement.  The thought crosses my mind that my year should certainly include cleaning out and organizing their contents.

Mental note: Add that to the list.

There's some pressure--partly self imposed--about choosing not to return as a full time teacher next year.  "What are you going to do?" is the standard question when people hear the news.  At first, that question stumped me.  I made lists of ideas such as these:
  • train my dog
  • improve my posture
  • take guitar lessons
  • become an affectionate, sexy wife who never nags
  • cook amazing well balanced meals for my family
  • pursue my doctorate
Then I realized that "The Year of Allison" is not about big changes.  I am still going to be a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, teacher and friend.  I am still going to be a Girl Scout leader, Sunday School teacher and running coach.  I'll still be the chauffeur, cook, accountant and house manager.  I'm still going to love to read a great novel, ride my bike and listen to Paul play the guitar.  I'm still going to clean up and mess up and dream of a well behaved dog.

Just because I won't have a salary, it won't change who I am and what my goals are.  "The Year of Allison" won't make me perfect.  So, what will I be doing?  Living my life, I hope, with a grin, some grit and a bit of grace.

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  1. Breath in...breath out....accept the transition and change and roll with it baby! Thanks for inviting us along for the ride.