Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plan For Fun

This morning it dawns on me: Plan for fun.

I should have thought of this yesterday but what's that expression?  Hindsight is always 20/20. 

I'm thinking we'll start the summer off slow.  You know, we don't want to have to get up early to rush off somewhere on the first day that we can actually sleep in.  Besides, we have accumulated piles of stuff all over the house over the course of the school year.  The first day of summer seems like the perfect opportunity to clean it all out and start fresh. 

Yes, I know--a ridiculous idea--remember what I said about hindsight?  While I am perfectly content to toss junk from a drawer, excited about the thought of organized shelves and the thought of an organized closet makes my heart beat a bit faster, the kids....not so much. 

Which is why, after being left to entertain themselves, they get into a fight.  I'm not sure about the details but it has something to do with hairy necks and plastic forks.  Then I yell at them and they call me mean. So we leave the house and head to the pool where I run into some friends.  They are all reporting similar incidents with their own children.   "It's only day one!  How will we survive the summer?" they wonder.

This is when I realize that our children are probably thinking the same thing about us.  I can only imagine the conversation down at the other end of the pool.  "And then she told me I had to read a book and make my bed before I could play with my DS."  "You think that's bad?  My mom tried to make me clean out my room and walk the dog." 

Today I am planning on having some fun with my kids.  Maybe a family game, maybe a movie.  But I'll clean out those closets when they're not around.

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