Sunday, August 13, 2017

Make Good Choices

Dear Jack,
The days leading up to your departure for college were full of “lasts.” The last family dinner night, the last snuggle with Tatum, last round of golf with dad, last big hug for mom—all these activities took on a special significance when they became the last time you would do them before you left for R-MC. 
Now come the “firsts,” such as stepping into your dorm room for the first time, first meal on campus, first friends, first day of football camp. There are firsts for us too—the first time pulling back into the driveway without you was a hard one for sure. Then there was the first text and first picture from you reassuring us that you are going to be OK.
Before we left, I told you, as I often do, “Make good choices. I love you.” This isn’t the first or last time you will hear that. But on the car ride home, I thought about what those words mean to me, and what I hope they mean to you.  So, here is the expanded version--
1.      Choose to be kind to everyone.

2.      Choose to be a leader. Use your gifts, talents and strengths to make a positive impact.

3.      Choose to set high standards for yourself. Never miss a class. Never miss a practice.

4.      Choose to study. Be curious about the world.

5.      Choose to connect with God.

6.      Choose to own up to and take responsibility for your mistakes.

7.      Choose your friends wisely. You are who you hang around. Choose friends who also make good choices.

8.      Choose to stay healthy and active. Make time to exercise. Say no to drugs.

9.      Choose to reframe problems as challenges and lessons.

10. Choose to be thankful.
The choices you make during your first 30 days of college will set the tone for the next four years. Being thoughtful about starting with good habits makes it easier to maintain good habits. 
We miss you already, but we are excited about the new opportunities that college will offer you. We look forward to seeing you grow and learn and continue to mature into a young adult. We are so proud of you!
First day in dorm room

First day of filming

First text to make Mom very happy

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