Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I named our GPS Greta.  Sometimes I imagine that she has feelings.  Greta's like the 5th family member on car trips and is proud of her role as navigator on our excursions.  I detect an edge to her voice when we deviate from her suggested route. 

"When possible, make a legal U Turn," she snaps at me.  I ignore her.  She seems to sigh. 

"Recalculating," she mutters in resignation.

It takes some adjusting, then we continue our journey together. 

I felt a little like Greta this spring when I learned that Jack had been invited to join a travel baseball team.  Practice 4 days a week and games 2 days a week?  Travelling every other weekend for three months?  Will we ever eat dinner as a family again?  I add up the costs of team fees, equipment and travel expenses.  So much for our patio furniture budget. As the news sunk in about what this new commitment means for our family, I want to shout, "Whenever possible, make a legal U Turn!"

When Jack contacted the coach, we were impressed with his initiative.  When he practiced with the team, we admired his determination.  When he was invited to join, I panicked. 

Slowly though, I began to process the news.  I remember what a positive experience it is for Jack to be a part of a team.  I remember that his afternoons and weekends are spent outside in the fresh air instead of down in our basement watching six straight episodes of Duck Dynasty.  I remember that his grades actually improve when he is playing a sport--somehow he manages his free time better when he has less of it.  I remember that the days are long but the years are short. 


Last weekend we went to a tournament in Rehoboth.  One of my favorite moments was watching Jack sprint across left field and dive across the grass in an attempt to catch a deeply hit ball.  Later the coach said, "One game highlight was Jack's absolute running, horizontal layout and for a couple of seconds, I thought he came up with the ball.  When the ball was hit, I said 'ut oh' and though no possible way.  The effort shown on that one play sent a reverberation through the team."

I never thought I'd be driving to Rehoboth Beach on Memorial Day weekend for a baseball tournament.  Sometimes life takes us a different route than we plan.

It takes some adjusting, then we continue our journey together. 



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