Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Oh my aching hip.
 I don’t want to become one of those aging people who complains about all their ailments.  I want to focus on all the things I can do—swim, bike, lift weights, walk the dog…really, anything I want except running.  When I run, bad things happen.  My piriformis muscle goes all crazy on me.  Sometimes the sciatic nerve feels left out and wants in on the party.  Together they are trouble. 
Only, I miss running.  I am too young to be too old to run.  I am too young to be falling apart.  So, first I try yoga.  I love yoga, actually.  I feel all stretched out and happy after yoga.  But, I hate the balance poses because when I try to balance on my left side, my hip hurts.  I wobble.  I weeble.  And then I fall down. 
Next, I try a chiropractor.  I have a friend, see, and she swears by her chiropractor.  I love my chiropractor.  First he sends all these amazing jolts of electric current into my lower back to encourage blood flow to the hip.  Then he stretches out my spine and decompresses me.  I feel great when I leave the chiropractor.  I feel taller, somehow.  But, my hip still hurts. 
“Try a heating pad,” a friend suggests.  “You need to ice it,” another recommends.  “Are you doing your stretches?” All this advice overwhelms me.  Should I be taking ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation?  My personal trainer thinks I need a foam roller. 
So far the best suggestion to help my hip has been this: “Try putting your feet up and drinking a beer.”  Resting the body can definitely help the healing.  So, for now, I’ve got my sneakers unlaced and my heels on a pillow.  
So comfy.
Isn’t this relaxing?
Maybe I’ll just check WebMD for some tips while I’m resting.


  1. I love this:
    I am too young to be too old to run.
    I find after a long walk and then sitting down with my laptop 'for just a few minutes' one hip is sore when I move again, and sticking an ice pack on the area helps a lot. So does getting off the couch and moving some more . . . but I think I'll try the beer version too.