Monday, March 18, 2013

Limerick for Tatum

In honor of St. Patrick's Day: 

A Limerick for Tatum

There once was a dog who was stubborn
Thought mom woke too early to walk him
She gave him a nudge
But he wouldn't budge
Thought, "Come back when the sun's up and try again."

Tatum is an unusual dog.  Among his quirks:  hates early morning walks, windy days, thunderstorms and people who cough.

This week I was sick.  The kind of weird sick that morphs into a different form every day.  First the headache that moves into your sinuses.  Then the sore throat and then....the dreaded cough.  Lucky for Tatum, I didn't have enough energy to walk him much anyway.  This weekend I was well enough for a stroll around the block.  We made it past about two houses when I felt the tickle.  I tried to suppress it as long as possible until finally I couldn't wait any longer.  "Hack, snort, cough."

Tatum sits down.  "Heel," I command.  Tatum whines.  I cough again and he gets up and starts pulling me back to the house.  "Who's in charge here?" I think and I try to redirect him back down the street.  He picks up his front paw and wraps it around the leash as if he's trying to take it away from me.  When I don't stop, he sort of hop-walks on three legs behind me.  All this effort to avoid a Sunday morning walk.  He looks pretty silly and I can't imagine it is very comfortable.   I manage to unwrap the leash and, after several tries, cajole him around the block.  Whew.  That was exhausting.  Now I need to go back to bed.   I think I'll look for a Leprechaun to walk the dog until I'm feeling better.

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