Friday, July 27, 2012

"It's A Major Award"

And the award for Best Post Sports Team Season Award Banquet goes to...

The end of another sports season means attending another team awards banquet.  Have you, like me, ever sat through one of these seemingly endless boring events?  The coaches are well-meaning and oh, so heartfelt in their attempts to recognize everyone's achievements but the results can take H-O-U-R-S.  First we sit through the Age Bracket Awards, then the Most Improved, Best Rookie, Most Records Broken, Most Valuable, Special Events, Parent Volunteers, Coaches Choice, Spirit Awards, and don't forget the special recognitions for those Graduating from the lineup.   Meanwhile I sit through the tedious program wishing I had stocked up at the bar before I sat down at one of the banquet tables. 

In his brief amateur sports career, Jack has been quite the prolific trophy earner, racking up 18 trophies so far, not to mention a box full of medals and ribbons.  That's more than most London Olympic athletes will ever see.  I don't know where to put them's an episode of "Storage Wars" waiting to happen.

the latest addition to the collection
That's why I'm presenting my own award to WGCC for Jack's Tennis Awards Banquet:

WGCC, you win a gold star.  Thank you for bucking the trend and providing us with an Award Ceremony that was fun and social.  Instead of sitting in a stuffy banquet room, we loved mingling and playing games like Beat the Pro and Bump.  Even the unskilled tennis playing family members felt welcome and had lots of laughs.  The burgers were scrupt-diddly-uptious too.  Best of all, Jerry has a future career as an auctioneer if he ever retires from his position as Head Pro.  He announced the winners of all those trophies with the skill and speed that would make Sotheby's proud.

I didn't take home any trophies myself.  There weren't any awards for "Best Chauffeur Ever" or "Most Likely To Find A Clean Tennis Shirt In The Laundry Room On Short Notice" but that's OK by me.  I don't need a Major Award.  A couple of hugs from these two will do just fine.

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