Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That's Gonna Leave A Mark

Jack is up to bat.  Thwack!  I was hoping to hear the crack of the bat hitting the ball out of the park.  Hey, I'd settle for a long line drive.  Instead the sound was the pitch making contact with Jack's thigh.  "That's gonna leave a mark," I think, as he shakes it off and takes his base.

April equals the start of baseball season in our house.  This is Jack's last year in Little League and last weekend was opening day.  I have to admit, I have a hard time watching the games at the Major League level.  I loved T-Ball when everyone ran the bases and we didn't keep score.  At some point the game became less about fun and friends and more about skill and winning.  Jack's been hit with several pitches and the beating in the batter's box is rattling his confidence.  He's in a self-proclaimed batting slump.  It is nerve-racking to see Jack frustrated with his contributions to his team--especially when it is a tough game. 

I'm proud of Jack for sticking with baseball.  He's not as tall or fast as some of the other players, true.  Yet he keeps showing up, keeps trying and keeps cheering on his teammates.  He has a real passion for baseball but passion can't be sustained on a daily basis.  It is his commitment and determination that keeps him going to 3 practices and 2 games weekly throughout the season.  So we lost the first game 4-5.  Tomorrow is a new team and a new game.  And maybe, just maybe, Jack will hit the ball this time instead of the other way around!

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  1. Look at that handsome boy! Go Jack!!!