Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Day

What a difference one day makes.  Yesterday morning we were arriving in Asheville excited and anticipating our weekend.  Tonight we prepare for departure--our bags full with laundry, our camera full with pictures and our minds smiling with memories of our too-short vacation.
Since our last trip to visit my brother, much has changed.  The old carport is now a workshop for Bobby's glass blowing business.  The weedy back yard has been transformed into a working garden with several raised beds and new fruit trees. 

Bobby showing off his prize tomatoes...soon to be our lunch!
 Most noticeable, of course, was the replacement of the three roommates with Julie and three beautiful children.  Any initial shyness dissipated as Clay and Reed began demonstrating their skills with duct tape.  Soon, Jack and Katherine joined the fun making wallets, bow ties, headbands and other creations. 
Katherine and Reed having fun with duct tape.
 Meanwhile, we are getting lots of snuggle time with the happiest, cutest baby ever!
Aunt Allison and Uncle Paul with Blossom
Downtown Asheville kept us occupied in the afternoon with three different festivals and a political rally all within walking distance. 
Enjoying Fiesta Latina

Meandering around all afternoon makes everyone hungry so we decide to get some local flavor for dinner.  Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company is an old, converted movie theater that serves amazing pizza (walnuts on pizza, yum!) with its freshly brewed beer.  We sit in the game room and feed the kids quarters which they, in turn, feed into skee-ball games to their heart's content.  In the background, old black and white Munsters episodes play silently on the big screen. 
After dinner we build a fire in Bobby's fire pit and roast hot dogs and marshmallows until the moon rises and our eyelids droop.
Bear on the lookout for extra hotdogs.

Morning begins by driving south on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The road is lined with sloping hills of goldenrod before a backdrop of tall, narrow evergreens. In contrast, are trees blushing with autumn.  Lush, verdant carpets speckled with garnet, amber and rust stretch out in the morning sun.   We stop to hike by a waterfall and watch the boys climbing and leaping over the rocks. 
Later in the afternoon we are treated to a hilarious, unconventional tour of Asheville on a big purple bus. 
Enjoying our root beer on the tour

What a wonderful weekend visiting Bobby and meeting Julie, Clay, Reed and Blossom.  Yesterday we were strangers.  Today we are family.  What a difference one day makes.


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  1. Yay, we made the blog! Fun to meet you all. Reed keeps saying, "For shizzle, isn't that cra-cra??" all day- cracking us up!