Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Songs

Look at the sky, baby,
What do you see?
Looks like the tears that I cry
Falling down, like rain on the ground
Every time you say goodbye.

A rainstorm earlier in the day cooled temperatures a bit and now the sky is clear.  Paul and I are sitting on a blanket on a grassy hill eating (what else?) tomato sandwiches and sipping vodka tonics.  We have come to Wolf Trap to see one of my favorite musicians--Alison Krauss and Union Station. 

Alison Krauss is an amazing fiddle player and her voice sounds like melted butter if butter could harmonize.  In my opinion, finer bluegrass is hard to find.  Simply put, her music makes me happy.   That's why I have her song "Everytime You Say Goodbye" on my Happy Songs list. 

Do you have a happy songs list?  I highly recommend it.  I keep one on my ipod.  There's not a strict science to collecting the songs.  If I hear a song that makes me happy, onto the list it goes.  Then, I can use the songs to improve my mood when I need a boost.  It's no secret that music can be powerful.  Did you know that people use music as a form of therapy for chronic pain, neurological disorders and depression?  If you want to know more about music therapists, check out the Music Therapists Association's website:  One of my favorite quotes is from Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev):  "Simply put, music can heal people."

My songs range from pop (Maybe Katie--Bare Naked Ladies) to country (Forever and For Always--Shania Twain), from classical (Vivaldi's Autumn Concerto in F Major) to classic (Glory Days-Bruce Springsteen).  There are songs that remind me of happy memories and songs that make me dance around the kitchen when I'm cooking dinner.  There are originals (It Hurts Me Too-Keb' Mo') and covers (Just Like Heaven-Katie Melua).   Sometimes I add new selections and remove others.

I'm not going to list them all because the point is: these are my happy songs.  Go get your own songs.  Songs that make you happy.  What's on your Happy Song List today?

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  1. Michael Franti ranks right up there in Happy Song land :) How was your trip??